Some “fetch” self-love

Ironic, ain’t it? Despite being a massive breeding-ground of insecurity and self-loathing, Hollywood has produced some of the most iconic self-affirmation (that simultaneously makes for some pretty cute home-accessorizing).

When your business is based on the idea of making people feel better about themselves, (with the end goal of making people LOVE the way they feel about themselves?) a little self-affirmation is a great way to help the cause. Anytime there?s a need for a decorative something; whether it?s filling an empty wall, or designing an About Face tchotchke, my default choice is always to include some sort of message to make anyone looking at it, smile. ?

As of late, ?Hello, Gorgeous? has been my go-to self-affirmation wording of choice. As the first words uttered by Barbara Streisand in the Academy Award winning film ?Funny Girl?, there is something timelessly elegant and positive about the 2-word combo. Currently adorning a multitude of pieces in our office, I was very content with my affinity for the ?Hello, Gorgeous? quote, until?

I saw this?rug. (pictured above)

Another quote made famous from an iconic movie (Rachel McAdams, famously as Regina George in ?Mean Girls?), this elicited the same kind of warm-fuzzy feeling. Who wouldn?t want to be reminded every time they were coming or going, that you know what?

The purchase of this welcome mat was a no-brainer. (The biggest decision was, how many?)

With additional message options such as ?Turn your curling iron off? and ?Don?t forget to add some sparkle?, these rugs provide the cutest, most adorable way to showcase your personality while also ?helping provide yourself with some helpful (needed) reminders.

Can?t wait to get this rug, and also ? can?t wait to see what other adorably charming, self-loving quotes come from the big screen. Do you have any favorites?

In the meantime, goodbye? Gorgeous. :)?