Staff favorite products: Part 2 (Raelle reveals all!)

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As the daughter of a makeup artist, I’ve grown up knowing HOW IMPORTANT it is to take good care of my skin. Working at About Face gives me access to awesome products, which I fully take advantage of, and it’s fun to experiment with the latest and greatest brands and products. My current go-to’s are listed below, however just between us — there are those days I’m feeling especially lazy and don’t follow my own protocol — but in an ideal world my skin regimen looks like this:


I generally use SkinMedicas “Facial Cleanser” in the shower. It’s nice and gentle, removes all traces of leftover makeup, and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. (And, the packaging is straight-laced enough so that my husband uses this too. Any product that we can both utilize is aces in my book.)

Once I’m out of the shower, I apply 1 pump of Sente “Dermal Repair” all over my face and down my neck, preferably when my skin is still slightly damp from the shower.

After this, I apply 1 pump of my SkinMedica “TNS Essential Serum” all over my face/neck. It’s not my favorite scent, (but the smell disappears as soon as it dries) and I love, LOVE, L O V E the feel of it.

I admit it, I am a total eye-cream junkie. I love eye cream! I have a few that I alternate between; but my (current) favorites are About Face “Retin-Eye” and SkinMedica “Uplifting Serum”. Those are definitely my two go to’s in the AM, I feel like I don’t look awake without them.

Last but certainly not least, sunscreen! Everyday I use About Face “Porifcation Protect”. It has a nice lightweight feel that also hydrates, and works well with or without makeup.

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Living in a city, working in skin care, and obviously wanting my skin to always look it’s best, at the end of the day my skin needs a good, deep clean. I alternate between About Face Porification wash and SkinMedica “AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser”, I love the super-clean way they both leave my skin feeling.

Drunk Elephant has the CUTEST packaging ever, which honestly is the main reason this brand caught my attention. I am in the midst of trying out their Glycolic Serum and eye-cream, and depending on what I think about the products’ effects in a few weeks time, we may start carrying these phenomenally packaged (and good for you!) products. (Evidence: the eye-catching product with the hot-pink lid is Drunk Elephant.)

I always lather on my “Retin-Eye” (what with being addicted to eye-cream and all) and my Sente “Dermal Repair”. I switch every other night between my “TNS Essential Serum” and my SkinMedica Retinol 1.0. (I don’t feel the need to use an additional moisturizer because my Sente has hyaluronic acid and does the job for me, especially now that we’re in the spring/summer.)

Latisse. I was blessed with decent lashes to begin with, and adding Latisse to my routine turned good eyelashes into WOW eyelashes. I try to use it everynight, but I don’t beat myself up too much if I forget — I’ll just add it in the next morning before I start applying makeup.

As needed:

Injections get a bad rap, but really — when they’re used correctly, the results leave you looking exactly like yourself… just a few years younger. I love my Voluma results, and will continue to get that whenever needed. (It lasts about 2-years though, so I should be good for awhile.) I also regularly get ‘toxins as needed, alternating between Botox and Dysport.