The 6 Most Under-the-Radar Uses for Your Favorite Injectables

The term “Off-label” means using a product in a way other than which it has FDA-approval. Although this might sound unsavory, it is actually the way that SO many new techniques and modalities are discovered for the products you use (and enjoy) everyday. In the right hands, your favorite injectable products can be used in a myriad of “off-label” ways to improve numerous aspects of your life. We asked our expert injectors about their favorite under-the-radar uses for injectables and fillers— and Top 6 answers may surprise you.

1. Smooth Away the Look of Cellulite and Dimples

Philadelphia injector Nicole Ciasullo likes to use Sculptra Aesthetic injections to fill in dimples and created by cellulites on the body. “Sculptra doesn’t get rid of the cellulite, but it fills in the dimpling, creating an optical illusion of taut, smooth skin.”

2. Add Structure to Temples

The temple-region is one part of the face that most people don’t realize can really age you. As volume is lost from the face, the temples can start to become hollow and sunken. “One of my favorites uses of injectable filler is for filling in the temples,” says nurse-injector Lauren Adamski of Philadelphia, PA. “A lot of people have hollowing of the temples with age and loss of fat. Filling them in with either Sculptra Aesthetic or Juvéderm Voluma can be a very effective way to treat facial wasting and loss of volume.”

3. Plump-Up the Earlobes

It may not be the first part of the body that you think of when battling the signs of aging, but the earlobes are definitley affected by aging and volume-loss. Whether it’s from the passing of time, or years of wearing heavy earrings, your earlobes can start to look droopy, thin and even wrinkly. Nicole Ciasullo says injecting the earlobes (hyaluronic acid fillers are usually used) helps to prevent further stretching or widening of the pierced hole. “And, it lets your earrings sit at a more flattering angle — which shows off your earrings better!”

4. Get Rid of Wrinkles on the Knees

One of the best kept (and off-label) uses of Sculptra Aesthetic is in the knees. Ciasullo says that injecting the fine, crepey lines on the knees with Sculptra Aesthetic helps to soften them.

5. Chin Perfecting

Cosmetic injections can be used to improve both the texture and shape of your chin.

Dermal-filler can be used to instantly tweak the appearance of the chin, which can add balance to your facial structure.

Neurotoxins (such as Botox or Dysport) can be used to correct wrinkly or cobblestone-appearing skin on the chin. “Most people do not realize how the muscles in the chin can contribute to a wrinkly or ‘le peau de orange’ appearance in that part of the face,” says Nurse Adamski. “Injecting neurotoxins in the chin relaxes these muscle just enough to smooth out the wrinkles, and dermal-fillers give more chin projection for a stronger chin and/or jawline.”

6. Smooth Wrinkles on the Elbows

Your knees don’t get all the fun! Nurse-injector Nicole Ciasullo uses Sculptra Aesthetic in the elbows to fill out and smooth wrinkles. “It is impossible for diet and excercise to make any difference in the apperance of aging, crepey elbow skin. However, a few strategically placed Sculptra injections can give beautiful, natural-looking improvements.”