The Most Extra Sunscreen You’ve Ever Seen

As an adult who has been obsessed with sunscreen protection for the past 10+ years, I’d be lying if I said that the process was easy.

Or fun.

Surrounded by ALL of the proof anybody could possibly need to KNOW  the neccesary responsibility that is frequent sunscreen application, (plus the first-hand joy of getting multiple “suspicious” spots cut out and biopsied every year) it remains a dreadful chore.

On the rare occasions that I allow myself time at the beach or pool, it feels like an SPF-centric version of Groundhog Day. Every 20-minutes or so I have to stop what I’m doing, and consider whether my skin feels hot because of the warm temperature, or because I’m getting burned and need another sunscreen application. It’s an annoying, time consuming, messy process, which usually results with me taking the lazy way out about halfway through the day: donning full protective garb and utilizing an umbrella.

Is there a possible fix for this? Could sunscreen application ever be FUN?

Enter Sunshine & Glitter, a line of skincare products that are all extra. (Full disclosure: I had to check with my resident Millennials to make sure I was using the word correctly, and yet it is just the perfect description. With built-in glitter, scents, bug-repellent, antioxidants, etc., these products are literally packed with extra.)

With an extremely fine spray of glitter mixed into the formula, every application ellicits a primal-feelling of pretty-satisfaction. (At least, this is the way my current squad responds. Sparkles = excellence.) All it took was some glitz, and suddenly putting on sunscreen isn’t so bad.

If a group of educated adults responded with extreme excitement and desire for a glitter-filled sunscreen product, imagine what children might think? As a beach-frequenting child, I would have begged for sunscreen applications if it made me sparkle (and smell delicious), instead of dreading the cold, clammy, sticky process.

Perfect for Summer outdoor concerts, festivals, Bachelorette and pool parties, these products do the previously unthinkable: being safe in the sun is FUN and desireable.

Currently available at About Face Skin Care in three varieties (shop online here):

  1. Sea Star Sparkle has a lightly sweet smell, and delivers a delicate smattering of rainbow glitter to the skin. (SPF-50!)
  2. Beach Gypsy imparts a more highlighter-esque glow, with chic golden sparkles. (SPF-30)
  3. Scout is an extra geared towards those looking for something more subtle. With an SPF-50, this sunscreen is also a bug-repellent. (No glitter!)


Ranging in price from $18.50 to $22.00, these products offer the invaluable benefit of making sunscreen application exciting. These products are water-resistant for up to 80-minutes, and enriched with healthy, helpful antioxidants Vitamin E and Green Tea extract. (See? Extra!)

A Little Apprehensive About Glitter?

Worried about the implications of glitter and the environment?
(You’re so thoughtful and well-informed!) Have no fear, these products are made with eco-friendly, biodegradeable glitter particles.

Worried about glitter getting all over the place? I won’t lie and say there is no transference, however the formulation of the sunscreen does a pretty nice job of keeping the glitter adhered to your body. (When you wash your bathing-suit or towels in mild-detergent, all signs of glitter should disappear.)

Kids? Safe for children older than 6-months.

Allergies? Gluten-free.

Paraben free.

Provides UVA/UVB protection.

Pets? Although not tested on animals, these products have not been tested to be safe for animals. (Yes, this is a real concern. Apparently people want to make sure their hairless cats and/or Chinese Crested dogs look beautiful while practicing safe-sun.)

Peter Panning?

Maybe there are inescapable childhood attributes that remain with us throughout the decades. For my sun-phobic skin / mentality, these products may be a game-changer — truly all it took was some expertly added glitter — and now I find myself willingly applying this to my body on regular weekdays where I’m fully-clothed, at work, indoors. The subtle glints of sparkle throughout the day just make me happy, and if this strange psychological effect makes sunscreen application tolerable and FUN, than YASSSSSSSSSSS.