The skin treatment LA celebs are clamoring for

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Los Angeles, a city full of models, actors, and actresses, is always on the cutting-edge of beauty advancements. With so many people dependent on their appearance for their livliehood, it makes sense that there would be a constant demand for the best, most natural looking results, with the least amount of downtime.

Right before any awards season, LA’s skincare practices are extra busy providing all of the beauty prep and skincare treatments needed to make sure that Tinseltown’s A-list looks their absolute best for the onslaught of photographs they’ll be facing. This year, the demand has been intense for a newer laser treatment, that promises to do everything a skin-concerned star could hope for: minimize pore size, reduce brown spots, clears Acne, stimulates collagen production — with little to NO downtime. (And, it’s safe for all skin types.)

Watch here to see a Clear + Brilliant treatment demonstrated to ?Extra? TV.

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On paper, Clear + Brilliant treatments sound too good to be true.

In reality? The results speak for themselves.