Top 13 dream bathrooms

closeup portrait on female with perfect skin

When you take care of our skin ? washing, drying, countless product applications ? chances are good your regimen is taking place in your bathroom. (What else are bathroom counters and medicine cabinets for if not housing all of your skincare swag and paraphernalia? Would a pretty bottle of serum or decorative perfume look as right anywhere else?)

Regardless of what your bathroom looks like, it?s nice to dream about a personal haven that looks as pristine and flawless as your skin.

Our current bathroom obsessions include the following. The criteria? The more storage space the better, and natural light is always a huge plus, but mainly: if it’s really pretty, it’s good. (And, incredible ocean views certainly don’t hurt.)

What do you think, does the appearance of a bathroom have any impact over your getting-ready process?

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philly bathroom 1


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