Why the h#*$ aren’t you using sunscreen?

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It’s the proven, hands-down, best anti-ager in the WORLD, and yet despite this — many of you still aren’t using sunscreen.


Those ever-present sun-rays are making you look older and potentially threatening your life, and these issues are more publicized than ever. Despite the constant barrage of “sunscreen” and “skin cancer” messaging, there are still so many people who refuse to wear sunscreen.

Studies show that 9% of people NEVER, ever wear SPF. Ever.

Another 32% only wear it on sunny days (despite the fact that UV rays are present even when it’s cloudy), and 27% only apply sunscreen when at the beach or pool.

Shockingly, 1% of the population is still subjecting themselves to UV rays-concentrate at the tanning beds.

The facts are indisputable here, wearing broad-spectrum sunscreen will help prevent you from getting skin cancer and it will slow down aging. In fact, a June 2013 study states that daily, year-round sunscreen use can significantly slow the skin’s aging process by as much as 24%!

There are a few commonalities to the most popular reasons why people don’t use this miracle skin-saver daily.

The numerous sunscreen options can be confusing, UVA, UVB, broad spectrum, 15, 30, 70… how do you know what is right for you?
For the record; you must buy broad spectrum (which means it protects against UVA rays, the ones that age you, and UVB rays, the ones that burn you). The number associated with the SPF is the amount of sun protection being supplied to you, multiplied by your skin’s own protection. For example, if your skin naturally can be outside for 10-minutes without burning, an SPF-30 will allow you 300 minutes of sun protection. (It is recommended that everyone use at least an SPF-30.)

No matter what the bottle says (waterproof, sweatproof), all sunscreen wears off and all sunscreen must be reapplied.
Reapplications may be annoying, but similar to paying taxes — you’ve gotta do it or else there are serious consequences. (And don’t skimp! For most people, a shot-glass worth of sunscreen is needed to adequately cover the body.)

Another major sunscreen concern is that it is going to clog pores and cause break-outs.
Fortunately, due to the prevalence of “sun safe” thinking these days there are now many, many sunscreen options for every kind of skin, and there are numerous types of sunscreen that can be applied daily to the face without any fear of inducing break-outs. Make sure to look for formulas made specifically for the face, and if acne is a concern — stick to “oil free” labels.

Then, there are the people that don’t want to use sunscreen because they want color, period.
And, it’s kind of understandable… tan-skin looks nice.

But, do you know what’s better than being tan now? Looking 20-years younger than you are, and not having to go through skin cancer treatment.

Yes, putting sunscreen on your face, neck, chest, and every other exposed body part can be a time-consuming nuisance, but the long-term benefits you are doing for yourself more than justify it.

Suck it up, find a formula that you like, and get to it. We promise, your future-self (and friends/family/loved ones) will thank you.