We saved the best for last!

Today is the last day of our Holiday Promotion, and this “Repeat Day” is your LAST chance to snag any of the past 2016 offers you may have missed — from Black Friday, all the way through DAY 11!

Don’t get overwhelmed, instead give yourself a chance to review ALL of the amazing offers below. (Did we mention this only happens once a year?!)

Your plentiful Get-Beautiful Gift Options Include:

philadelphia skincare botox latisse

Black Friday: SkinCare Products Buy More Save More


This offer is good for all skincare products, with the exception of Latisse. (#BecauseDay3)

  • Buy $100+, Get 15% Off (Coupon Code: BF15)
  • Buy $200+, Get 20% Off (Coupon Code: BF20)
  • Buy $400+, Get 25% Off (Coupon Code: BF25)

For more information, click here. (Offer good in-office, too)
We apologize for any inconvenience, but our e-commerce site is not sophisticated enough to process “Coupon Codes” and promotional sales in the same transaction. If you are interested in purchasing products, and any of the “12 Day” bundles — you may need to complete multiple transactions. (Depending on your scenario, we will happily refund you any redundant shipping charges!)
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fraxel philadelphia

Day 1: Fraxel Bundle

Everything you need to transform your skin!
This bundle includes 3x Full-Face Fraxel treatments (reg. $800 each) and FREE Recovery SkinCare: 3x Porification Moisturizers (get a new one at each treatment, reg. $25 each) and 1x SkinCeuticals PhytoCorrective Masque (reg. $55 each) to cool and soothe skin post-treatment.

Value: $2,650
Promo Price: $1,999.99

For more Fraxel Bundle information, click here
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eyebrows philadelphia

Day 2: Eyebrow 2017 Package

Give the Gift of Great Eye-Brows… All Year Long!
This package includes 12x Eyebrow Shaping / Waxing Sessions, that can be used however you like throughout the year.

Value: $300.00
Promo Price: $199

For more information, click here
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philadelphia latisse eyelashes

Day 3: Holiday Lash Haul

Everything you need to grow your own, INSANE lashes!
Holiday Lash Haul includes 1x Latisse 5mL Kit + 1x Month-Supply of Viviscal Professional (#1 hair-growing supplement)
GET FREE: 1x Latisse 3mL Kit + 1x Latisse Professional Applicator Brush + 1x Makeup Eraser

Value: $415.00
Promo Price: $225

For more information on the Holiday Lash Haul, click here
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botox-bank philly philadelphia

Day 4: Botox / Dysport Bank

Bank up to 100x Units of Botox / Dysport at promo pricing to enjoy during future visits!
Minimum purchase of 50x units, Maximum purchase of 100x unitsEarn applicable reward points at each prepaid treatment, for future savings

Value: $11.50/unit
Promo Price: $9.99/unit  (Coupon Code: TOX16)

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philadelphhia facials spa skincare

Day 5: Facial of the Month Club

Give the Gift of Gorgeous Skin, for the Entire Year!
Bundle includes 12x Facials + 3x Facial Upgrades  + 1x Rewined Candle (reg. $28) to continue relaxation at-home
(Price works out to $99 per facial, the usual range is $110 to $155!)

Value: $2,000
Promo Price: $1,188

For more information on the Facial of the Month Club, click here
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Kybella philadelphia botox dysport latisse juvederm restylane

Day 6: Kybella Jaw-Sculpting Bundle


Kybella Bundle includes everything you need for a contoured jawline.
Enjoy the benefit of 2x Kybella Treatments (Reg. $1,100 each)
GET FREE Post-procedure products: 1x Sente Neck Firming Cream (rReg. $85), 1x ProCure Bruise Remedy ($9.99), and 1x Arnica Tablet Vial

Value: $2,650
Promo Price: $1,999.99

For more information on the Kybella Bundle, click here
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lip injection philadelphia

Day 7: Lipssssssss Bundle

Everything you need for a perfectly injected pout!
Lip Enhancement Bundle includes 1x vial (of Restylane, Restylane Silk, Juvederm, or Belotero, reg. $650/each), one half-vial of Restylane (reg. $450), 1x vial of Arnica tablets (reg. $5.00), and 1x Lip Balm (Reg $9.99)

Value: $1,100
Promo Price: $799

For more Lipsssss Bundle information, click here.
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philadelphia thermage skin tightening philly

Day 8: Thermage Skin-Tightening Bundle

Thermage uses radio-frequency energy to stimulate collagen production, resulting in tightening, lifted skin. (It’s one of Gwyneth’s beauty secrets!)
This bundle includes 1x full-face Thermage treatment, and then FREE skincare products to enhance your results; 1x Sente Dermal Repair (reg. $150) and 1x Porification Moisturizing SPF-50 (reg. $39)

Value: $2,500
Promo Price: $1,999.99

For more Thermage Bundle information, click here.
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juvederm restylane voluma radiesse philadelphia

Day 9: Filler 3-Pack

Enjoy instant results with 3x vials of Dermal-Filler + 1x vial of Arnica tablets to help alleviate any possible bruising / swelling
Choose your desired areas: Cheeks, Temples, Nasolabial Folds, Marionette Lines, Jawline, Hands, etc.
Choose your desired products: Restylane, Restylane Silk, Restylane Lyft, Radiesse, Belotero, Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Juvederm Voluma^ (Regularly $650/vial)

Value: $1,995
Promo Price: $1,499.99

^If you choose to upgrade to Voluma, it will be an additional $150 per vial (Voluma is regularly $850/vial)

For more information on the Filler 3-Pack, click here
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philadelphia fat melting trusculpt skincare

Day 10: TruSculpt Body Contouring Series

TruSculpt utilizes RF heat to tighten, melt fat, and reduce cellulite.
This series includes 4x TruSculpt treatments on your desired Body Area (Thighs, Flanks, Back, Arms, Stomach, etc.)

Value: $4,400
Promo Price: $1,575

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Day 11: Gift Card Gifts

With every Gift Card purchase over $100, receive an additional Gift Card with 15% back.
Use additional Gift Card for yourself, or an extra-present for someone else.
(Both cards cannot be for same person.)

Gift Card #1: Any amount you want, over $100.00
Gift Card #2: 15% of Gift Card #1 (if it’s over $100)

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