#TeamBride: Get-Wedding-Ready Bundle 1.0

Newly Unveiled!

First comes the engagement. Then comes the consultation.

Getting married is the #1 life-event that inspires people to come to About Face Skin Care, and it is an absolute honor to play a part in your momentous occasion.

Over the years we have had the pleasure of treating a wide variety of women as they prepare for their weddings, and through this clear patterns and trends have emerged.

Feedback from our brides has been so specific and universal that we have gone ahead and simplified the process for you.

With the power vested in us, we are proud to introduce you to the union of the best treatments, products, and services to get your skin perfect for your Wedding Day.

Get-Wedding-Ready Bundle 1.0^

When you say “I do” to the Wedding Ready Bundle, you’ll get all this:

  • (1) Latisse Eyelash Kit (reg $179)
    Grow your natural lashes longer, darker and thicker.
  • (1) Professional Latisse Applicator Brush (reg. $13)
    With your Latisse kit, you’ll also receive a professional application brush at the same time which will help you get the best results.
  • (3) Clear + Brilliant treatments for Face  (reg $300/ea)
    * The most requested bridal treatment! *
    Clear + Brilliant treatments have cumulative results, each session will improve your skin’s texture and tone, stimulate collagen production, reduce likelihood of breakouts, and minimize appearance of pore-size.

    • Treatments should be performed 3-weeks apart from each other. Safe for all skin types.
    • At each Clear + Brilliant treatment, you’ll go home with a SkinCeuticals brightening sheet-mask, and a new, full-sized skincare product to maximize your results.
  • (3) Clear + Brilliant treatments for Hands (reg. $100/ea)
    Your hands are going to be photographed a lot too, and deserve their share of beautifying TLC as well!
    (These treatments will be done in conjunction with your face treatments to make the most of your time here.)
  • (1) Porification Protect + (reg. $45)
    Moisturizing, tinted, antioxidant-rich SPF-50, this all-in-one product keeps your skin safe, and elongates the results of your treatments.

    • Comes with your 1st C+B session.
  • (1) Sente Dermal Repair Serum (reg. $150)
    * Best Seller!*
    Daily skin enhancing / anti-aging product, will maximize and improve your treatment results.

    • Comes with your 2nd C+B session.
  • (1) Makeup Eraser (reg. $25)
    On those nights when you’re too tired to wash your face, but know you have to – just add warm water to this and watch it wick away every last skosh of makeup. Machine-washable up to 1,000x times.

    • Your choice of color, comes with your 3rd C+B session.
  • (3) Hydrating Sheet-Masks for after C+B (reg. $20/ea)
    Moisturizing and refreshing, you will go home with a luxe SkinCeuticals BioCellulouse sheet mask with each Clear + Brilliant treatment.
  • (2) Eyebrow Shaping Sessions (reg $25/ea.)
    Enjoy a professional eyebrow clean-up and shaping for your Bachelorette Party, Engagement Shower, or right before your wedding.
  • (1) Porification Facial (reg $110)
    This should be done the week leading up to your wedding. Your hour-long facial focuses on relaxing and pampering your skin while making sure that your pores are thoroughly cleansed.
  • (1) Red Carpet Peel (reg $125)
    Done immediately after your facial, this peel provides an instant glow with zero downtime.

Value: $1,945
Package Price: $1,500


 wedding photography philadelphia skincare beauty

Photographer’s Preferred Upgrade


Interestingly, we also see A LOT of wedding photographer and wedding MUA’s. The following upgrade option is something that they secretly wish all brides did for themselves, because it ultimately lets the bride feel more confident about herself, and it saves them a lot of time photo-shopping away imperfections on the back-end. (Plus, the following treatments allow your makeup to go on easier, and last longer.)

  • (1) Vial of Dermal Filler for Your Lips (reg. $650)
    Your treatment provider will help you select the best product for you, please give yourself at least 3-weeks before your event. (Swelling usually dissipates within a day or two, but for your wedding – it’s better to err on the side of caution!) Lip injections done properly look completely natural and flattering, and our injectors are masterful.
  • 20x Unit of Botox (reg. $260)
    This treatment will be especially helpful to your big-day because you won’t have to worry about mad or angry expressions being photographed, and you won’t have to worry about makeup settling into lines and wrinkles that aren’t there. (This is a very conservative treatment amount.)
  • (1) Perfect Pout Masque (reg. $22)
    This lip masque helps hydrate and plump your lips.
  • (1) Vial of Arnica Pellets (reg. $5.00)
    Our injectors are extremely experienced; however it cannot hurt to have this homeopathic remedy on hand to help clear away any unexpected bruising and swelling.

Value: $937
Promo Price: $799


Please Note: Although this Get-Wedding-Ready Bundle consists of a pre-determined set of treatments, all services received will be customized and made unique for YOU!

Timing? If you have at least 3-months before your big day, you’re golden.

Need your ring cleaned while you’re here? No problem, just ask.

^ As available treatments and products come along, this bundle may change to reflect latest and greatest options.