Americans Funding Cosmetic “Work” with Tax Refunds

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Plastic Surgery seems to be pretty high on the splurge list for tax-payers this year!

More Americans than ever before will be using their tax returns to pay for cosmetic work, according to new information from the beauty experts at and the financial gurus at Forbes.

On average, this year each taxpayer is receiving a refund of $2,798.

Out of those surveyed, 13% of people who have undergone a plastic surgery procedure used money from their tax refund to pay for all or part of their plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedure ? and a third of those respondents actually scheduled their procedure to coincide with the receipt of their refund.

And, of those respondents expecting a tax refund this year, nearly 20% intend to use the money to help pay for a procedure.

With refunds averaging just under $3,000, people are given a chance to significantly invest in their appearance.

What are the most popular ways people intend to spend their tax refund on themselves? Botox and dermal-fillers are more desirable than ever due to the minimal downtime and instant gratification. Lip enhancing injections have had a major surge in popularity, followed closely by dermal-filler injections to the cheeks and temples. (Interestingly the demographic for lip-procedures tends to be skewing younger and younger; with patients in their late teens to those in their early 20s coming in for lip enhancement.)

How much do procedures cost? Injection treatments can vary depending on what the patient?s desired results are; however they can range from $700 and up. Sculptra Aesthetic, a volume enhancing injectable for the full face, can cost around $3,000, and with results lasting well over 2-years, provides a great way to get the most longevity out of your expenditure ? with drastic but natural looking results that keep patients happy and confident.

Also popular? Clear + Brilliant laser treatments. Your $3,000 tax return will pay for a package of 6-sessions, with plenty of money left over for the proper home-care to maintain and enhance your results.

Thermage Skin Tightening and TruSculpt Body Contouring round out the top of the list of the most popular procedures. These procedures, which are generally geared towards patients with loose-skin after babies or significant weight-loss, are expensive and extra funding to pay for them is certainly appreciated.

Because a tax refund is often money that you weren?t counting on, the desire to do something ?just for you? is more likely to hit when extra cash arrives. This makes it an opportunity to take care of yourself and ?justify? the worth all at the same time.

So does that mean you should rush right out, tax refund check in hand, and jump into a new procedure?

Not so fast!

Despite your excitement to pamper yourself, it is important to take the time to make sure you are going to the right place, undergoing the right treatment, and have a clear understanding of what kind of results to expect.

And what about all of those stereotypes regarding ?work??

  1. Cosmetic treatments are only for the really wealthy. While treatments are not cheap, there is a WIDE price-range and usually something can be appropriate and helpful for any budget.
  2. You can tell when someone has had a procedure. Nope. When you?re seeing someone who is skilled at what they are doing, your results should look natural and organic to your face.
  3. It?s a way to make life better. Although these treatments can improve your self-esteem and self-confidence, they will not be a magical band-aid for an unhappy relationship or work issues.
  4. You can do it to make someone ELSE happy. It won?t. Anything you do should only be for you. All the Botox and laser treatments in the world won?t solve any problems beyond the condition of your skin.

If you have interest in using your tax refund to explore cosmetic treatments, make sure to do your homework. These are serious procedures that require a high-degree of skill so be sure to search around to find your best, local options.